Little Black Set


SAVANNA Swim Tunic - Black

A new silhouette joins our long list of cool solutions for full coverage tops, which cover as well as create a stunning fashion statement on the beach! Savanna is all about that wonderful collar cut out of a light Neoprene, creating an elegant neck for this swim top. The A-line lower part of the top balances the firm neck with a lighter, more fluid movement!

OLIMPIA Swim Tight - Black with Magenta

The Olimpia swim tights are a new design, capturing all of Trepezzi’s signature features combined to create the ultimate swim tight! A slimming high waist corset belt leads up to a well-fitted tight, and ends up with an elegant v at the ankle showing off the thinnest part of the leg.

LAGUNA Swimsuit - Sea Jewels

The Laguna Swim Top is designed with elegance, coverage & function in mind! The body-like top is well fitted & optimized for swimming and gives way to a light Neoprene bottom half, which covers the lower part of the body with a perfect A-line skirt, designed shorter on the front and longer on the back for added edge and due to fabric properties holds its form without holding onto the water!