Amazon Chic Set


2 x SANIBEL Surfsuit - Amazon

Our Sanibel long-sleeve swimsuit is the definition of taking things to the next level! A surf suit with a flamboyant, elegant twist! A Long gunmetal zipper runs the length of the back, leading up to a form-holding Neoprene tulip collar in a contrasting colour! Complimented in the front with a set of matching ruffles in Neoprene. This model will stand out on any beach anywhere in the world.

BELIZE Swim Tight - Midnight Blue

Made out of the light Neoprene material, our Belize swim pants are perfect for swimming in a beautiful figure complimenting straight cut carrot silhouette ... or can be worn out with a pair of pumps and a denim shirt for an ultimately stylish statement of versatility and cool! Slimming appearance with great coverage against cellulite!